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"Haney's classical training enables him to expose the innards of composition while highlighting stylistic interconnectedness in a unique and resourceful manner."  Elliot Simon, All About Jazz, New York
"As a leader, Haney knows how to balance jocularity with severity, space with readily a discernable carapace that brings out the best in the trio." Derek Taylor, All About Jazz, New York 
"...his playing reveals an attractively individual style." Steven Lowey, All Music Guide

"It's about excursions in sound as much as it is playing tunes. Pianist Haney reaches inside and plucks his strings when inspiration strikes." The Village Voice

"an amazing depth of sound and texture,...of echoing notes and subtle haunting effects. At times, Haney's dexterity can sound like piano for four hands, or more accurately music for piano and percussion, though never in overwhelming fashion; he frequently takes momentary pauses like a saxophonist's breath connecting short runs of notes. This is modern music in the minimalist vein, rarely swinging but proving that swing-ing is certainly not as essential as the improvising element to be a qualifier for jazz." Laurence Donohue-Greene, All About Jazz, New York
"Haney has a unique approach and he clearly enjoys playing with the piano's endless possibilities, particularly its shining high notes." Florence Wetzel, All About Jazz, New York 

"Haney is worth your time." Jason Bivens, Cadence Journal

"Haney's resume includes liturgical and chamber works, hybrid jazz/classical improvisations and music for ballet." Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz, New York 

"...has played inside and out :from Bud Shank to John Tchicai" The Village Voice

"Haney is a firm believer in the spontaneous approach to music making," Andrew Gilbert, Contra Costa Times

"Pianist David Haney seems to get off most on....collective improvisations rooted in the moment." Derk Richardson, San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Haney's minimalistic approach, which is primarily rhythmic, veers away from any melodic content, and produces some wonderful interplay through his unaccompanied solos, especially with the relentless beats of Bennink. The percussive rhythmic interplay with Bennink is often reminiscent of Hasaan Ibn Ali and Max Roach's classic session from 1963, (The Max Roach Trio Featuring the Legendary Hasaan)." Laurence Donohue-Greene, One Final Note

"He challenges Bud Shank and other first string collaborators he brings together (including, in the past, Han Bennink and Julian Priester) with his instant compositions that mix the kinetic energy of music-in-the-moment with harmonic structural touchstones." Bill Smith, Willamette Week

"Although there are some hints of blues and swing, the sound speaks more to the classical. Haney has successfully blended these forms in energetic and intelligent pieces. Paula Fayerman, Fast Forward Weekly
"Combining simple, often lyrical lines with complex group improvisation, the music is both edgy and inviting, developing beautifully flowing themes." Andrew Gilbert, Contra Costa Times

"...a welcome invitation to grab your passport and be swept away on a journey. The music transported you into uncharted, yet familiar mindscapes. And what places they were!" Diane Worley, Jazz Notes