David Haney and Julian Priester - October 21, 2010 
     Earshot Jazz Festival Performance. Clips available at youtube:

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Nov 21st, 2010  12am PST David Haney  Modern adaptations on rural blues for solo piano.

The show can be heard live on KEXP, Seattle (90.3 fm) and at KEXP.org and furthermore is available in it's entirety for two weeks following the broadcast in several streaming audio formats.
                      Voted Top Ten Albums of the Year:

2007 - Coda Magazine: Ota Benga of the Batwa with Julian Priester

2008 - All About Jazz, New York: Conspiracy a go go with Andrew Cyrille and Dominic Duval

2009 - Cadence Magazine: Conspiracy a go go with Andrew Cyrille and Dominic Duval

2009 - Cadence Magazine: Clandestine with Andrew Cyrille

Albums on Cadence Jazz Records and C.I.M.P Records

Albums on  All Other Labels



With Andrew Cyrille, Dominic Duval, Adam Lane, Julian Priester, John Tchicai, Mat Marucci

Solo piano and with Julian Priester, Buell Neidlinger, Han Bennink, and Wilbert de Joode.



Duet with Julian Priester

Duet with Bernard Purdie

Trio with Han Bennink and Alex Hutchison

Duet with Dan Blunck



"Mr. Haney is a pianist drawn to experimental settings, and he creates a promising one here."

                                                                                        The New York Times

music that has absorbed the lessons of Art without forgetting the play of Jazz." Cadence Magazine

"It's about excursions in sound as much as it is playing tunes. Pianist Haney reaches inside and plucks his strings when inspiration strikes." The Village Voice

"music that invites repeated deep listening: beautiful and challenging." Bill Barton, Coda Magazine

"Haney's classical training enables him to expose the innards of composition while highlighting stylistic interconnectedness in a unique and resourceful manner." Elliot Simon, All About Jazz, New York

"Pianist Haney has played inside and out, from Bud Shank to John Tchicai." The Village Voice"

"Masters at work and play, whose music is irrepressibly individual without ever being about their mastery or individuality." Cadence Magazine

"a pianist whose accomplishments far outranks his public profile.." Peter Monaghan, Earshot Jazz

"at the forefront of his style." Nathan Skidmore, The Oregonian

"Haney's jagged and contemplative clusters of notes, sometimes creating a brooding, pensive mood reminiscent of a Jackson Pollack painting and other times setting forth a forward momentum that reminds you that this music comes from that essential kernel of jazz creation: swing." ICE Magazine

"At times, Haney's dexterity can sound like piano for four hands, or more accurately music for piano and percussion, though never in overwhelming fashion; he frequently takes momentary pauses like a saxophonist's breath connecting short runs of notes. This is modern music in the minimalist vein, rarely swinging but proving that swing-ing is certainly not as essential as the improvising element to be a qualifier for jazz." Laurence Donohue-Greene, All About Jazz, New York

"grounded, mercurial, mysterious" All About Jazz, Italy

"Compatable, neo-free meets bebop." Jazz Dimensions, Germany

"Master constructionist and abstractionist." Bad Alchemy, Germany

"Haney works his spells in a relaxed and intimate climate," Cesar Pradines, La Nacion, Argentina

"an economy of notes, a predomination of rhythms, in a territory between jazz and contemporary music" Jazz e Arredores, Portugal

"like sunrise finally breaking through after a sleepless night." Touching Extremes



North America and Asia- Jeanette Stewart Agency, P.O Box 13071, Portland, OR 97213 parishmedia@earthlink.net

South America-  Jorge Hernaez, La Gorda Records, Mendoza, Argentina,  hernaezbass@yahoo.com.ar

Europe - Meinrad Kneer, Evil Rabbit Records, Berlin, Germany, meinradkneer@online.de



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